Puzzles For Palestine

Welcome to Puzzles for Palestine!

We are a team of all-star crossword constructors and editors that reside throughout North America – the faces, new and old alike, behind thousands of your favorite crossword puzzles in syndication across the continent.

We believe that everyone has the right to grow up and live with self-determination, dignity, humanity, and freedom and are compelled to action to help end the violent occupation and siege of Palestine in Gaza and the West Bank, which is firmly at odds with each of these values.

What We Made

This charity puzzle pack includes twenty-two (22) themed, themeless and variety puzzles, all worked on by a team of professional crossword constructors and editors. 

Twenty (20) puzzles are standard US-style crosswords of varying difficulty, ranging in size from a small 5x8 preview puzzle to three large 21x21 puzzles. There are a mix of themed and themeless crosswords, many with Palestinian-centric themes or seed entries and some without. You can expect perspectives and voices from the region to be highlighted throughout the pack, which will encourage you to think in new ways in order to solve the puzzles. The pack also includes two (2) variety puzzles: a Rows Garden puzzle and a 9x9 cryptic crossword. 

All puzzles come in both digital and PDF formats (digital files can be easily opened for online solving here). The pack also comes with an Intro PDF and 22 individual solutions PDFs.

We encourage you to check out the 5x8 preview puzzle HERE! Mobile users: please note that solving this puzzle on a desktop browser will provide the smoothest experience.

Click HERE to learn more about our other UNRWA fundraising initiative and receive a custom crossword!

How to Receive the Puzzles

Contact Us

If you have any problems accessing the pack, or 48 hours have passed and you have yet to receive the puzzles, please email us.

Note: as a team of allies committed to standing with Palestine until liberation, we realize that however hard we try to reflect Palestinian and Arab perspectives through crosswords, we won't be perfect. Multiple Palestinians looked over each puzzle, and Arabic terms have been transliterated to the best of our abilities. If you feel like we have misrepresented anything in the work we made, please let us know. Our feelings won't be hurt – it's on us as allies to never stop learning as we stand in solidarity and work towards the liberation of Palestine.